Dr. Shaina Hammerman

is a teacher, speaker, and scholar of Jewish history and culture. She offers high-level scholarship that’s accessible to all audiences—Jews, non-Jews, academics, laypeople, and religious leaders. Shaina’s entertaining presentations and courses make a wide range of topics feel relevant and exciting. Her expertise in a breadth of subjects—from Jews in popular culture to Yiddish poetry to Jewish intellectual history—combines with flexibility and a willingness to tailor her material to the students’ needs each time she enters a classroom.

Shaina brings a unique fusion of humor and professionalism to the classroom, pulpit, and lecture hall. With over a decade of experience as a Jewish educator and years teaching undergraduates and graduate students, she carries the confidence of a seasoned professional alongside a commitment to keeping her material fresh and engaging.

Shaina has a clear and perceptive mind, a dedication to educating herself, an ability to listen, a genius for teaching, and an honesty and down-to-earth talent for discerning substance from hot air. Her fine, passionate intelligence is apparent in every paper, every conversation and seminar discussion.”
— Naomi Seidman, Koret Professor of Jewish Culture and Director of the Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies

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Shaina is available for speaking engagements and scholar-in-residence programs around the Bay Area and throughout the U.S.
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Specializing in modern Jewish history and culture, Shaina teaches large lecture courses as well as intimate seminars.
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Shaina’s sharp critical eye and elegant writing style has been published in academic journals as well as for popular audiences.
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